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Main Gym

  • Classes for girls and boys 6 thru 18 years of age

  • Small class size: beginner (6 to 1), advanced beginner (7 to 1) intermediate, advanced & tumbling (8 to 1)

  • Certified USA Gymnastics instructors

  • Development of gymnastics skills in a structured, safe, low-pressure environment

  • Age and skill appropriate groups

  • Gymnastics classes and tumbling classes

Main Gym Classes

Classes in the Main Gym are either 55 minutes, 85 minutes, or 2 hours depending on age and skill level and follow a progressive skill development curriculum with ongoing skill evaluations. Equipment in the Main Gym includes 2 sets of uneven bars, single rail high bar, 3 sets of low single rail bars, 4 competition beams, 3 levels of recreational beams, 2 vault runways (1 vault table and 1 resipit), 25' tumble trampoline, 42'x42' gymnastics spring floor, and much more!

Recreational Gymnastics Classes:

We offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced level classes for gymnasts 6 thru 11 years of age. Classes include the development of gymnastics skills on all four Olympic events (bars, beams, floor, and vault) and trampoline.

High School & Middle School Gymnastics Classes:

A prep class for gymnasts 11 years and older who may wish to participate on their middle school or high school gymnastics team (or for gymnasts just wanting to improve their skills). Classes range from 2 to 3 hours and focus on the skills needed for high school or middle school competition. Classes are taught by current and former high school and middle school coaches. 


Tumbling Classes:

This 55 minute class is for any gymnast or cheerleader 10 years or older that wants to focus on tumbling skills such as round-offs, back handsprings, back tucks, and more. Tumbling classes are offered for beginner, intermediate, and advanced level tumblers. We also offer a tumbling class for our younger tumblers aged 6 to 9 years old. BASIC SKILLS REQUIRED FOR THE TUMBLING CLASSES.

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